The Library and Reading room are spread over 2000 sq.ft. The library is vital to the functioning of any institution serving as the nucleus of all academic activities.The library of Trinity encompasses a large number of university prescribed books and reference books. The Institute subscribes number of periodicals and journals which provides an ideal reference ground for research level studies. The library is fully computerized using the libsys Software.

Features of Library:-

Ø  Fully air-conditioned.

Ø  Very spacious reading room.

Ø  There are 13 leading newspaper for students and faculties.

Ø  A total number of 17598 books which is much more than the prescribed norms of the University

Ø  A total number of 2125 titles.

Ø  A total number of 1251 Reference books.

Ø  Subscription of 17 National level Journals.

Ø  Subscription of 03 International level Journals.

Ø  Seven magazines of diverse subjects are prescribed to meet the requirements of all disciplines of courses.

Ø  Ten Research Journals of Reputed institutes.

Ø  Automated Library with E-Granthalyay, Version 3.0

Ø  Search Facility via OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) using e-Granthalaya software.

Ø  User membership of American Library (amlibindia.state.gov/)

 Electronic Resources :- 

Ø  Delnet: (User Id/Password Based Access) : http://www.delnet.in/

Ø  OPAC: Online Public Access Catalogue: http://libserver/OPAC/Default.aspx

Ø  National Digital Library: ndl.iitkgp.ac.in/

Ø  Media Watch: www.mediawatch.com

Ø  Mass Communicator: International Journal of Communication Studies:
www.indianjournals.com  (User ID: tips@trinity.edu.in)

Ø  IIM: Kozhikode Society and Management Review:  http://journals.sagepub.com

Ø  Indian Journal of Public Administration: http://journals.sagepub.com