The Logo

The Logo


 T        Talented
 R        Rational
      I         Industrious
       N        Newsmakers
     I         Innovative
      T        Technocrats
Y        Yielding

S U C C E S S  !!


The logo epitomises the vision & mission statement of TIPS encompassing its quality policy, operational framework, aims and objectives which is inclusive of FOSTERING INTUITIVE RECOGNITION OF TRUTH & QUALITY IN PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION.

At TIPS, we render the illuminant light to enlighten the future prospects of future technocrats, journos, administrators and other such professionals in the real competitive world.  For this, we provide all encompassing and all empowering education with the right mix of scholastic & co-scholastic activities rendered through effective teaching methodology imparted by dedicated and highly qualified faculty under the able guidance of the perseverant management.