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Trinity Institute of Professional Studies organized UNMAD 2.0- A cultural fest

13th November, 2019 New Delhi: Trinity Institute of Professional Studies, (TIPS), Dwarka, NAAC accredited Institute, Ranked “A+” Institute of G.G.S.I.P.U, Delhi organized a cultural fest for the students of the Institute on 13th November 2019 at Dilli Haat, Janakpuri amidst the gracious presence of esteemed dignitaries. This event was organized with the complete involvement of the whole institute. It was a great cultural fiesta filled with lots of excitement, enthusiasm and colors. The fest witnessed a footfall of nearly three thousand people throughout the day which included student participants from various universities and affiliated institutes of G.G.S.I.P.U. in Delhi-NCR since it was an inter-college cultural fest. UNMAD 2.0, referring to great excitement lived up to its meaning and the tagline (Insanely crafted for you) as the event had fun-filled activities, crazy energy among the participants and attendees along with having a deep reflection of culture. Be it the mesmerizing cultural dance performances or the traditional and modern costume themed fashion walk, all of it had an immense creative touch to it. With a thunderous line-up of cultural events and competitions such as street play, rap battle, fashion show, solo singing, dancing and Battle of the Bands, topped with engaging workshops, Unmad 2019 was crowd pleasing to every circle of students and visitors. The event was graced by and took place under the guidance of Dr. R.K. Tandon, Chairman, TIPS, Mrs. Reema Tandon, Vice-Chairperson TIPS, Prof. H.P. Garg, Director General, TIPS, Dr. Barkha Bahl, Director, TIPS, Dr.K.K.Geetha, Director-cum-Principal, Law TIPS. The guests of honour of the event included the famous pop-star Ashok Masti, popular comedian Mr. Deepak Saini, RJ Rahul Makin from Fever 104 FM, General Secretary of NAI Mr. Vipin Gaur, and lyricist Mr. Sanjeev Anand along with Likee Team Heads including Mr. Damon,Country Head/GM of Likee India, Mr. Shailesh Rauthan, Indian person In charge, Mr. Alie, Chinese person In charge and Mr. Amber, Chinese person In charge of Likee India. The audience was completely swayed by the energetic performances by RJ Rahul Makin, Mr. Deepak Saini and the singing sensation Ashok Masti along with those of other eminent personalities.The event was also graced by the presence of talented guests who were invited as judges of various competitions. This included Mr. Ravi Sehrawat, Mr. Vipul, both well known in the field of theatre, Mr. Prateek Oberoi, who is a writer, poet and a musician, Mr. Mridul Madhok, MTV dating in the dark fame and TikTok stardom, Mr. Ravi Solanki, CEO of The Social House, Ms. Dimpy Dua, Co-founder of The Social House, Mr. Himanshu Bhatnagar, owner of dance studio, Ms. Jagriti Bhatnagar, professional classical dancer, Mr. Meinal Sharma, alumni of TIPS and head of ‘Design Cramberry’, Mr. Sanyam Bhayana, winner of numerous street dance events as well as Mr. Prasan Kapoor, winner of numerous rap battles. The title sponsor of the event was ‘Likee’, a famous video creation and sharing platform. The event was co-sponsored by ‘Panasonic’ and the media partners of the event were The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Show Box tv channel, Meri Dilli, RBM News, Dwarka Parichay, IPU Buzz, Apha Films, Instant Bugle. The event was powered by The College Fever and In-kind partners were The Social House, O.P Jindal University and Adventure Island. Moreover, the gifting partners included Craftbuzz, Doritos, Plectrum Production, innovation partner Innolabz and Student Outreach partner Insightone. There were three different stages set for the event, whereby different competitions took place. In the afternoon, the street play societies of various colleges gave scintillating performances on grave social issues which left the audience awestruck. This was followed by a spectacular fashion show, whereby various teams participated, depicting different themes and style. While this was going on, simultaneously other competitions such as Rap Battle, Dance competition, ‘photostory’ and entertaining gigs left the viewers mesmerized. As the evening approached, enthusiasm could be seen bubbling forth from the audience for the celebrity guests. The eminent guests arrived and the pop singer Mr.Ashok Masti was welcomed by Dr. R.K. Tandon, Chairperson TIPS and Mrs. Reema Tandon, Vice-Chairperson TIPS. He was felicitated with a bouquet and a memento as a token of acknowledgment. He, along with other dignitaries also gave away the prizes to winners of various competitions and encouraged the students. This was followed by the much awaited performance by Mr. Ashok Masti. His enhanced the audience’s enthusiasm tenfold as everyone could be seen dancing and moving with the powerful lyrics and energetic beats of his songs. Thereafter, the DJ played several powerful songs and everyone could be seen swaying with the music. This event was a major success and was highly effective in terms of implementation and reach. The painstaking efforts of all the faculties, students and everyone involved were rewarded by the enjoyment, happiness and enthusiasm that it could bring forth. The fest turned out to be a fun filled extravaganza, a spectacular gala that took place with great pomp and show.

13th November, 2019


Trinity Institute of Professional Studies (TIPS), Dwarka affiliated to GGSIPU organized a lecture under the aegis of IQAC, as a part of Eminent Guest Lecture Series on the topic "IoT and Artificial Intelligence" by a renowned academician, Prof. (Dr.) Amit Prakash Singh, USICT, GGSIPU. The session began with the Welcome and felicitation of the Guest with Memento, presented by Dr. Barkha Bahl, Director TIPS and Dr. K. K. Geetha, Principal Law, TIPS. Welcome address was delivered by the Director, TIPS, where she emphasised that the students shall use this golden opportunity to learn from such a distinguished personality. During the lecture Prof.(Dr.) Amit Prakash touched various aspects of AI and its types along with the benefits of integrating it with IoT and the resulting benefits for us. He also mentioned about the Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) and its significance in AI development. The entire BCA department participated with full zeal in the session.

The lecture was followed by a question and answer session, students were curious to know many things related to the technology. It proved to be quite informative session for the students as well as the faculty members. The event was concluded by a vote of thanks by Dr. Mukta Sharma, HOD, CS & IT Department, TIPS. Later Dr. Prakash met Dr. R.K.Tandon Sir, Chairman, TIPS. Dr. Tandon gave him a sapling and congratulated him for a wonderful session. Overall the session was highly enriching and proved to be quite successful in imparting valuable knowledge related to the topic to everyone present.

18 October, 2019



Trinity Institute of Professional Studies, (TIPS), Dwarka functioning under the aegis of KEWS, affiliated to GGSIPU, Delhi organised the 9th National Conference on ‘India at the Crossroad of Development- Role of Management, Commerce, IT, Media & Law. The event began with the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries. To seek divine blessings for inaugurating the 9th National Conference, students performed Saraswati Vandana which filled the air with spirituality. The Guests of Honour for the occasion was Dr. N.K. Kakkar, Advisor, MAIMS. The Chief Guest of the event was Prof. K.K. Aggarwal, Chairman, National Board of Accreditation and former Founder and Vice-Chancellor of GGSIP University. Prof. K.K. Aggarwal was felicitated by Ms. Reema Tandon, Vice-chairperson with a sapling. Then, a memento by Dr. R.K. Tandon, Chairman and a shawl by Dr. Vikas Rao Vadi, Director, TIPS. Following that, Ms. Reema Tandon, Vice-Chairperson felicitated Dr. N.K. Kakkar, Advisor, MAIMS with a Sapling and a shawl by Dr. R.K. Tandon, Chairman, TIPS. Prof. Dhananjay Joshi, Assistant Professor, GGSIP University was graced with a sapling and a shawl by Dr. R.K. Tandon, Chairman and Dr. Vikas Rao Vadi, Director, TIPS respectively. Following the suit Prof. H.P. Garg, Project Consultant, IIT was felicitated with a sapling by Dr. Vikas Rao Vadi, Director, TIPS. Then consequently, Dr. Subodh Kesarwani, Associate Professor, IGNOU was honoured with a sapling by Dr. K.K. Geetha, Director (Law), TIPS and a memento by Dr. Vikas Rao Vadi, Director, TIPS. Other dignitaries who graced the occasion with their gracious presence were Prof. H.P. Garg, Project Consultant, IIT; Prof. Dhananjay Joshi, Assistant Professor, GGSIP University; Dr. Subodh Kesarwani, Associate Professor, IGNOU and others. Following the felicitation programme, Dr. R.K. Tandon, Chairman, TIPS welcomed all the dignitaries, participants and students with a welcome address. He emphasised that we need to rejuvenate progressivism and send it back on the march with bold ambition to change India and the world for the betterment. Vedic Education was focused by our Guest of Honour, Dr. N.K. Kakkar, Advisor, MAIMS. In this context, he added that country needs to have a good research level to bring India on the developed pathway. After that, our another special invitee Prof. H.P. Garg, Project Consultant, IIT addressed everyone and said that our primary motive is to impart knowledge and Science and Technology can help in its progression. He further added that Traditional knowledge is of no use without the prompt adoption of it in daily life. Prof. Dhananjay Joshi, Assistant Professor, GGSIP University forwarded his opinion to everyone by highlighting the glory of India’s past. He said that our country needs certain quality parameters for the optimum development of the country for overpassing the crossroads. The Chief Guest Prof. K.K. Aggarwal, Chairman, National Board of Accreditation in his presidential address featured eminent strategies and plans of country for the development like Internet of things, Industry 4.0, Driverless cars, etc. He further added that positive attitude and ethics must be inculcated as central idea of development. This was followed by the release of proceedings of the 9th National Conference. Then, Dr. Vikas Rao Vadi, Director, TIPS addressed the audience and gave the inaugural conclusion and vote of thanks. After that, there were two technical sessions where participants from various colleges and universities came forward to present their papers on various themes for the National Conference. The event was concluded by a vote of thanks by Dr. K.K. Geetha, Director (Law), TIPS. The guests then proceeded for high tea.

20th April, 2019

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