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Environmental Law Centre

Environmental Law Centre

Environmental Law Centre

“I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.” —Mother Teresa

Academic disciplines postulate scientific ways to solve a problem. We established environment law center at TIPS. The idea is focused on study of academic discipline, initiating pragmatic actions and providing significant services to the society. These are functional in the hands of a group of specially educated, globally trained and veteran faculties with a group of enthused and consistent learners of this law school. This center cultivate scientific thinking in students to bring about ideas and activities in this direction.


World has experienced paradigm changes since 2015 with the launch of Sustainable development Goals and Paris Agreement 2015. Global community has defined global agenda for global development up to 2030 and the local communities are not even aware about these changes. One needs awareness to initiate action. TIPS is starting an Environment Law Centre with an idea to sensitize society about environment degradation and sustainable development. In order to bring the world a little closer to be aware and to act collectively for global goals and climate change in particular, Environmental Law Centre, TIPS is determined to undertake environmental education to bring students, lawyers, academicians and activists on a common platform to define ground level solutions to actual problems faced by local communities.


Motto: Clean and Green indeed our Dream


Mission: To conserve biodiversity and natural resources at Local, National and International regime.


Vision: To promote, organize, encourage study and enhance knowledge, understanding and appreciation of natural resources among the common mass.

Faculty Incharges


  • Prof. Dr. Shashi Bala: Chairperson
  • Mr. Abhishek Sharma: Faculty Convener
  • Ms. Sonakshi Kashyap: Faculty Co-Convener


Students Incharges


Name of the Candidate



Ms Disha Dagar

Student Convener


Mr Karan



Ms Ambica



Mr Naman



Ms Sneha



Ms Amandeep



Mr Aryan



Ms Anurima


Event & Activities
26th Jan 2021

Virtual Plantation Campaign

On the occasion 73rd Republic Day Environmental Law Center virtual plantation campaign, all students participated with great enthusiasm. We wish all the best to all the participants.

22 APRIL 2022


Students of Trinity Institute of Professional Studies organised BEST OUT OF WASTE COMPETITION BY ENVIRONMENTAL LAW CENTRE on 22 APRIL 2022. It helped the students to understand role of environment and development of the sustaining earth , then after that proper discussion was made amongst the students in order provide the ways for the protection of the environment and what are solution to the current challenges faced and why there is a need to protect the environment .It was great event and full of opportunities,enthusiasm, strength and ensuring the development and re utilising the recycle redevelopment and ensuring the best waste can be made and use in form of wall hanging paintings and countries development .

28th January ,2021


An online Poster Making Competition was organised by "ENVIRONMENT LAW CENTRE" of Trinity Institute of Professional Studies, Dwarka virtually on "28th January ,2021" under the guidance and supervision of Faculty Conveners of ENVIRONMENT LAW CENTRE and a total of 23 students participated in the competition.

23 March 2021


Environmental Law Centre of Trinity Institute of Professional Studies (TIPS), Dwarka affiliated to GGSIPU, organised an awareness programme on environment protection at City Centre, Sector – 12, Dwarka, New Delhi. The programme started with an introduction about the poster made by students on the theme ‘Eco not Ego’ whereby they explained the correct usage of disposing masks and gloves. Single-use masks should be avoided and reusable masks should be used to protect the environment. Students explained the damages caused by these masks if we do not properly dispose them. A questionnaire survey was conducted on 50 people and students made them aware of the fundamental duty under Article 51A (g) to protect and preserve the environment. Interviews were taken to ask people about their experience in the pandemic, whether they acted as responsible citizen to protect the environment or not. Further, people took a pledge for protecting the environment as it is our foremost duty. Students also distributed the reusable masks to underprivileged people. The awareness programme successfully ended when people noted to use the reusable masks only. Students observed some people replacing their masks with reusable ones only. Moreover, they realised to dispose the masks properly and to protect the environment at every step in their life.

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