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Fact Smith Research Cell

Fact Smith Research Cell

Fact Smith Research Cell

The Fact Smith club shall be as a group of students who collaborate to design and conduct research projects, analyse and interpret data, and disseminate findings to advance knowledge in their field of study.

Objectives of Coding Club:

  • Foster a culture of research: The research club can promote a culture of research among its members and encourage them to engage in research activities.
  • Enhance research skills: The club can provide opportunities for members to develop their research skills through training sessions, workshops, and mentorship.
  • Collaborate on research projects: Members can collaborate on research projects and share their knowledge and expertise with each other to produce high-quality research output.
  • Encourage interdisciplinary research: The club can encourage members from different academic disciplines to come together and collaborate on interdisciplinary research projects.
  • Publish research papers: Members can work together to produce research papers and submit them to academic journals or conferences.
  • Participate in research competitions: The club can participate in research competitions and challenges to showcase their skills and knowledge.
  • Create a platform for discussion and debate: The club can create a platform for members to discuss and debate various research topics, exchange ideas, and get feedback on their work.

Faculty Incharges

  • Mr. H.M. Jain
  • Dr. Suarbhi Shankar

Students Incharges


Name Of Official

Semester & Year

Faculty in charge

Dr. Surabhi

Dr. Aparna


President (Student)

Karishma Singhal

2nd Sem (2021-24)

Vice President (Student)

Riya Khera

2nd Sem (2021-24)

Secretary (Student)

Nikita Singh

2nd Sem (2021-24)

Joint Secretary (Student)

Arjun Maurya

2nd Sem (2021-24)

Executive Committee Member (Student)

Tanya Rauthan

2nd Sem (2021-24)


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